Pastor Mark’s Sermon on June 17 – Father’s Day – Parable of the mustard seed

Blessing of the Bikes – June 10

VBS Part 3: Offering, prayer, and final song – June 10 – Offering, prayer, and song: Soon and Very Soon

VBS Part 2: Info, Skit, Nicole”s message and 2nd song – June 10 – Info with Treyton and William, Skit with Jim & Gina, Nicole’s message and song: Won’t Worry

VBS Part 1: Opening and 1st song – June 10 – VBS program: opening and first song: Never Let Go of Me

Pastor Betsy’s Sermon on June 9 – Lord save us!

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on June 5

Graduation 2018 on May 27

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on May 26 – Memorial Day – John 3:17 

Confirmation on May 20

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on May 20

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on May 13 – Mother’s Day

Children’s Message on May 13 – Mother’s Day

Pastor Betsy’s Sermon on May 6 – The Holy Spirit

Children’s Message on May 6 – The Holy Spirit – Ask for more!

Pastor Betsy’s Sermon on April 29 – God has come to be with us to make us people of God and to make all things new

Young People’s Message on April 29 – Acts 8: 26 – 40: The eunuch, Philip, an angel, and water skit

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on April 22 – Stewardship of Creation

Pastor Betsy’s Sermon on April 21 – It only takes one and Love cures people

Camp Sunday on April 8 with Pastor Dennis and Jane Timmerman

Pastor Mark’s Easter Sunday Sermon on April 1 – It’s no April Fools!

Easter Children’s Message on April 1 – Can Easter be in a bottle?

Pastor Betsy’s Easter Sonrise Sermon on March 31 – Just because Jesus lives

Satan Devil Preaches drama Good Friday on March 30

Peter drama Maundy Thursday on March 29

Passion Drama Palm Sunday on March 25